Director of Extraction

Posted: August 12, 2020
Kansas City, MO

Position Summary

The Director of Extraction is responsible for the complete oversight of the Extraction Department, including development and management of all daily operations, leading a patient-centric team and providing clear direction to achieve initiatives. The Director of Extraction conducts research and development of cannabis products and ensures the quality of product meets or exceeds standards and regulatory guidelines

Additionally, the Extraction Director implements and maintains policies and SOPs as directed by the Director of Operations, and ensures compliance with all state and local laws and regulations. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Plan and direct extraction, product preparation, production, and packaging
Creating raw concentrate
Creating distilled, high-purity concentrate for use in products created from extracted cannabis.
Develop and modify products that meet high quality standards
Preparing of all materials for extraction including trim selection based on best extraction method, decarboxylation, and calibration and audit of all technical equipment before use
Collaborate with the Director of Operations to estimate trim needs and labor costs, as well as, ordering all materials & supplies for extraction
Coordinate equipment purchases and repairs with the Director of Operations
Ensure compliance at all times with all sanitation regulations and safety standards in the production of all extracted products produced as set in Company SOPs
Coordinate sample collecting and testing lab execution as needed
Maintaining a rigid cleaning schedule dividing focus of duties daily, weekly, and monthly as needed
Communication of current product information and updates
Executing and enforcing compliance of all local and state regulations
Develop standard performance metrics that will be measured and reported out on a weekly basis
Review standard performance metrics with the team on a weekly basis and make adjustments accordingly in order to maintain required performance standards
Maintains accountability of all team members, in relation to specific job description
Preparing weekly schedules to ensure there is proper coverage based on the business needs
Upholding all Company policies and SOPs and providing feedback for any potential SOP changes which may occur within the Department
Providing weekly feedback on inventory status and needs
Ensure complete all orders for products in an efficient and timely manner, meeting all necessary deadlines
Marshall company-wide resources to the most productive uses while maximizing value

Training & Development

Interviewing candidates for open positions on the extraction team
Responsible for supervision and development of Extraction Lab team
Making sure that all team members are current on product knowledge and SOPs
Drive results through employee engagement, coaching and development
Executing performance counseling and evaluations as needed

Driving Business/Sales

Ensuring that inventory contains sufficient flowers to meet extraction needs
Producing quality product free of pests and contaminants
Implement lean manufacturing strategies to improve processes to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency

Controlling & Preventing Loss

Conduct random audits of product inventory
Conducting departmental self-compliance audit monthly
Review security SOPs and protocols
Review incident reporting SOPs
Oversees monthly product inventory
Review Loss Prevention (LP) SOPs

Qualifications and Education

Must be 18 years old.
High School Diploma or equivalent required
BA/BS degree in business, chemistry or other similar programs preferred
Pass a Federal and State background check
Extensive work experience in similar operations can waive degree requirements depending on experience
3+ years of cannabis processing experience
Experience in management, managing a diverse team
Excellent leadership, as well as, verbal and written communication skills
Experienced in a fast paced, high transaction environment
Working knowledge of data analysis and performance / operations metrics
Adept with safety and OSHA as well as Missouri cannabis compliance
Having organizational skills
Having decision making and problem-solving skills
Being analytical
Being detail oriented
Being proactive
Ability to spot and resolve potential & active problems efficiently
Keep up with cannabis extraction trends and best practices
Working knowledge of various computer software programs

Physical and Environmental Requirements

Ability to work a minimum of 8 hours a day with flexible schedule availability
Ability to lift, push, and pull 50 pounds
Ability to sit, squat, bend, and kneel repetitively throughout a work day;
Ability to stand for extended periods of time
Ability to use a ladder (up to 12 ft. extension) and general hardware tools needed for common repairs
Ability and willingness to work in the following conditions:
General office environment – Extended computer usage and phone usage including teleconferences
Work environments that include exposure to, but not limited to, fumes, dust, odors, heights, indoor AC, no AC, motion, and noise