Supply Chain and Logistics Manager

Posted: June 25, 2020
Portland, OR


Beyond technical qualifications and sufficient experience requirements, we are looking for people who can thrive in our work environment and actively challenge themselves. We prioritize applicants who can illustrate their capacity to think critically, approach mistakes positively and constructively, as well as the ability to claim responsibility for their actions, whether good or bad. It is equally important that any applicant is able to exhibit an appreciation for proactive honesty and marked flexibility in the face of abrupt change. Moreover, we prefer applicants who share our passion and pride in the work we all contribute to as a team.

This position will be directly responsible for the following:

Oversees and executes strategic sourcing of all materials, manufacturing equipment and component parts.
Negotiates agreements and terms with vendors, nurturing key relationships throughout the supply chain.
Manages supply chain personnel to ensure proper inventory, ordering, receiving, storage and requisition processes.
Assists with development of the annual budget as well as periodic forecasts related to key financial data such as revenue, cost of goods sold, inventory, purchases, obsolescence, and transportation.
Develops metrics for forecast accuracy, planning data integrity and accuracy, S&OP performance, service and inventory metrics.
Accurately forecasts supply chain capabilities and constraints for short-term, mid-term, and long-term horizons.
Works across a variety of business functions, including supply chain planning, operations, procurement, services, global materials, and others to align demand and supply plans for services attached to products in multiple lines of business.
Assists with designing and developing robust processes to ensure value added supply chain services.
Assists with the design and development of in-house ERP system, as well as data-gathering tools and strategies.