Team Lead

Posted: August 3, 2020
Ann Arbor, MI

Position Responsibilities

Use gamification, empowerment, trust and other strategies as appropriate to develop and motivate team members
Develop a multifaceted rewards system that makes team members excited to show up to work every day and do their best
Supervise a telecommuting pilot project and report on its feasibility
Teach and train team members on various customer service strategies
Communicate expectations, assignments and responsibilities clearly and professionally
Undertake ongoing customer service work to better understand the demands, positives and pain points of the jo


Minimum of bachelor’s degree (any field is fine)
Ability to develop, implement and assess performance metrics
Expertise in Microsoft Office programs and in desktop and mobile technology
Proven record of boosting team performance and employee retention rates
Two years of experience as a team leader
At least a basic understanding of how computers and their accessories function, and a curiosity to learn more about them