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Trovaro is a socially-conscious cannabis staffing, recruiting and executive search agency powered by positive-minded professionals that strive for mastery. With 5,000+ candidates placed, we pride ourselves in connecting incredible talent with organizations of all sizes.

From direct hire, contract or contract-to-hire roles, we can fulfill your talent needs so you can reach your vision of victory.

Mid-level & executive level placements.

Our team has successfully placed contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire for roles in the following categories listed below:

  • Cultivation / Extraction
  • Dispensary Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Executive Level Positions
  • Professional Placements
  • IT/Technical Support

Industry Leaders

Everyday our partners and companies we serve continue to teach and amaze us with their bold visions for what the cannabis industry can be. At Trovaro, we feel humbled and grateful that we can play a role to help shape that vision into reality.

Staff Today.

Recruit For tomorrow. Search for the future.

Executive Search

Trovaro taps into the market of innovative business leaders in the Chicagoland area and beyond. We foster entrepreneurs and organizations at all different stages of growth to harvest the most innovative business leaders of tomorrow.

Recruiting & Cannabis Hiring

Plant Impact. Grow your workforce through legal restrictions, competitive markets and federal restrictions. Harvest your cannabis industry success. Create the landscape for your vision of social change.

From bud-trimmer to President of Cultivation, no role is too big or small for Trovaro. Let us be your single source cannabis recruiter that fills all the roles that transform your organization.

Staffing Services

Trovaro’s resilient-mastery makes staffing fast, flexible and efficient. Background-checked and ready to work, our candidates have a salt-of-the-earth background fueled by an industrial-growth mentality.

Sectors We Serve

Trovaro understands the dynamic nature of the businesses and people we serve. We will continue to expand our offerings to meet the needs of the constantly evolving cannabis industry landscape.

The Sectors We Serve:

Medical Marijuana


Industrial Hemp

  • Cultivators
  • Labs
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Dispensaries
  • Ancillary

The Cannabis Industry and Social Equity

What exactly does social equity mean? The exact definition can be a bit of a moving target: Experience and worldview largely contributes to an individual’s definition. Trovaro researched and created our own definition of what social equity means to us and we use that as our North Star.

Trovaro’s Definition

The Cannabis Industry and Social Equity for Trovaro means providing access to opportunity, networks, resources and support to those communities who in the past were underserved and underrepresented by creating a culture that acts as a conduit for each individual to strive to reach their full potential.

How can Trovaro help you achieve your culture and hiring goals?

What does your vision of social equity look like?

US Map.
The requirements to work in the legal cannabis industry vary by state. Trovaro can answer any questions you may have regarding employment.

States & Districts

Medical and recreational cannabis legalized

States & Districts

Medical cannabis legalized