Services for the Cannabis Industry

The extremely tight and competitive job market in the cannabis industry inspired Trovaro to develop highly-effective strategies to help recruit the very best candidates.

  • Direct hire
  • Contract
  • Contract-to-hire for production
  • Operational
  • Administrative
  • Mid-level and executive level placements

Trovaro will assist your company with each company-defining position.

The evolving landscape of the cannabis industry has given way to multiple sectors. Trovaro knows the dynamic nature of the businesses and people we serve, so we continue to evolve and expand in dynamic ways as well.

The Sectors We Serve:

  • Cultivators
  • Labs
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Dispensaries

Dream big. Trovaro will help find that dream-job that defines your career.

  • Laboratory Technician
  • Cultivation Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Facility General Manager
  • Head of Production
  • Head of Cannabis Cultivation
  • Cannabis Extraction Lab Manager
  • Cannabis Harvest Worker — Trimmer
  • CFO
  • CEO

Your hero’s journey from trimmer to CEO stars here:

The Trimmer

Up at sunrise. The earth under your nails. Resilient sweat at your brow. Work with purpose and direction. You’re cultivating a new industry and future with each plant you grow. The momentum and trajectory of your career on the ascent.

The Director of Cultivation

Your career is now more expansive. At times you miss the intimate relationship you had with the plants, the earth, the tactile union with growth – but your vision and impact needed more scale. You now harvest courage and a boot-strap dependability.


You still wake at sunrise. Most mornings you can be found toiling with the laborers in the field maintaining your intimate relationship with the cultivation process. Mastery requires attention to detail. It’s part of your balancing act with the boardroom. That same tactile union empowers your vision for the future of your company and the cannabis industry.

Your journey has not come to an end. It’s taking on a different form of enlightenment. You no longer walk alone, but rather lead others toward social change through industry.

Your hero’s journey continues.

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