Cannabis Jobs

Take the first step in your hero’s journey with Trovaro and your last step into a new career-defining position within the cannabis industry. Marijuana, CBD, and Industrial Hemp, a career in an industry with products on the uptick doesn’t need to be your antagonist.

Conquer your career and the cannabis industry.

Here to Serve

As more states enter into the cannabis industry, cannabis jobs are bound to become more abundant. Growth and opportunity is the name of the game. Are you an explorer looking to elevate your career? Trovaro is here to serve you. Are you a job explorer looking to transition from an outside industry into cannabis? We’re here for those needs, too. 

Finding your dream job can be a challenging endeavor – but the first step of any journey feels far more grounded and certain when you have a partner to share the road with. 

Take your first step with Trovaro. We’re the trusted industry guides that will stand steadfast by your side. 


Open Positions

Don’t see a position that fits your dynamic talents?

No matter. Trovaro still wants to partner with you in the future. The cannabis industry is constantly growing and evolving and so are cannabis industry jobs. We want you to grow and evolve with it and with us.

Trovaro believes that you are more than your resume. The unique intangibles that make up your skills set are of value to our industry. Take a look at the different sectors of the cannabis industry. Locate within that sector the positions and verticals that match your skill sets — or positions in which you can easily transition to based off of your experience in other industries.

If you want to make your dream job a reality and seek to make a substantial impact that could change the landscape of an industry, then Trovaro wants to partner with you. Together we can create a new, socially responsible reality for the cannabis industry. 

Your cannabis-career-defining position is waiting – but it won’t wait forever. 

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