The Industrial Transformation Complex

The cannabis Industry will transform the American Economy. Trovaro exists to steward that transformation with responsibility, compassion, competence, dependability, excellence and nobility brought to every company, candidate and community we serve.

At Trovaro, we believe in helping define the cannabis industry with a thoughtful strategic approach cultivated from years of experience of recruiting and staffing in other highlycompetitive industries. To Trovaro, victory means positive social impact that creates an economic landscape of the future in which everyone thrives.

We have accepted that daunting challenge. With your help, we can strive to reach it.

Join the Family

Grow fast with the cannabis industry, Trovaro and your career all lockstep.

Our Offices

Trovaro’s Chicago HQ offers a vibrant cityscape experience in the heart of one of the largest cannabis markets in the country. Our employees never feel at a loss for hotspots, culture, and the full-spectrum of social experiences.